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Personal Guarantee

I, Vicki Sanderson, guarantee that I will deliver one of the most dynamic, effective presentations ever made before your organization. I promise to meet your highest expectations.

I realize that my task is to do everything possible to ensure the success of your event.
I take this responsibility very seriously.

I re-evaluate my own success as a presenter each and every time I stand before a new audience.
Prior experiences, accolades and standing ovations mean nothing if your group does not grow and learn as a result of hearing me.

Therefore, I guarantee the following:

  • I will provide timely, reliable and innovative information along with practical, applicable
    advice that can be applied immediately to personal and professional life.
  • I will radiate high energy, sincere enthusiasm for my subject and a contagious passion for life
    to my audience.
  • I will give a performance, not just a lecture, which will involve, captivate and hold my audience's attention throughout the presentation.
  • I will frequently use humor to create a fun and relaxed environment which will maximize learning and audience involvement.
  • I will be accessible to my audience before and after my presentation, as well as during breaks,
    to answer questions, talk and share experiences.
  • I will not use my time before your audience to sell product, books, tapes or to solicit any sort
    of financial commitment.
  • I will be professional in my manner, attire and presentation.

I am honored that your organization has chosen to work with me. My goal now is to make your job easier and to see, in every way possible, that your function is a memorable success.